SkilledHat Certified Professional Java Programmer

SkilledHat Certified Professional Java Programmer

Java developers roughly make an average base pay of $79,137 in the United States, according to Glassdoor salary data.


The most well known general-purpose and object-oriented programming language, Java was designed to have least implementation dependencies. Enabling developers to write code once and run anywhere, making Java a dominant platform across a plethora of hardware varieties, compiled to bytecode that runs on Java virtual machines. Having more than 9 million Java developers worldwide, Java is a preferred platform for many enterprises.

Java Programmer Competencies

SkilledHat's Professional Java Programmer exam process evaluates you on the following competencies, which we believe are an essential set of understanding a professional must possess in order to be able to execute practice in Java well:

  • Data Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism.
  • Java constructs including loops and data types in Java.
  • Multithreading, Synchronisation and Exception handling.
  • String handling, Collection framework and Generics in Java.

We have crafted your SkilledHat Certified Professional - Java Programmer certification experience in a way that will upskill and polish you in these capabilities during your journey to prepare and get certified.

Why get Certified in Java?

How can the SkilledHat Java Programmer certification be valuable for you? According to industry research, being a certified professional in Java gets you the following leverage:

  • Career benefits with improved internal and external employability chances on Java.
  • Establishes credibility and confidence in Java for both individuals and organisations.
  • Helps graduates and new entrants demonstrate their knowledge and efforts in Java.
Moreover, more than 90% employers unanimously agree that certifications are considered for the hiring process and counted on as a reliable indicator of a professional's skills. At SkilledHat, we have always believed in the true potential of people and therefore we have put together a sustainable certification mechanism that is rigorous, reliable and pocket friendly. We exist to help you succeed in your career and learning goals, bringing you an experience well researched in collaboration with industry experts.

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Professional Java Programmer.

To be eligible for Advance Java Programmer certification, candidate must previously hold Professional Java Programmer certification (Free). This certification makes you eligible for Expert Java Programmer certification.

Java Programmer Advance Track
(20 USD)

Test your experience. Take on our personalized challenge, solve them and get certified.

  • Challenge yourself and demonstrate your professional commitment about Java.
  • Solve practical challenges uniquely crafted with market problems in consideration. A credential to be proud of, with no chances of plagiarism.
  • Have a public showcase of your work ready for recruiters and companies interested to see the action beyond your profile.
  • Grow while you show, 2 additional free of cost attempts if you don't succeed in the first one.