Professional Certifications

Online Certification for Free, and Affordable Advance Certifications

SkilledHat is launched with a motive of making certifications accessible for everyone, while serving the actual purpose of professional certifications i.e. adding value to careers. We believe knowledge is power, and we don't believe in charging people a fortune for education, when it can actually be free. Whether you're a seasoned veteran, a millennial or Generation Z looking to showcase some free certifications for your resume, or take up commitment beyond the normals and learn at the same time with our broad range of online certifications. We got you covered!

Professional Track

Test your knowledge. Learn for free, take online exam and get certified.

  • Absolutely free of cost, unlimited attempts. Demonstrate your professional enthusiasm.
  • Multiple choice questions challenging and practical time-bound exam.
  • No classes requirement (Train yourself with free material provided, chose any other resources of your choice or just evaluate your experience)
  • Improve visibility on your professional profile with professional certificates.

Advance Track
(20 USD)

Test your experience. Take on our personalized challenge, solve them and get certified.

  • Challenge yourself and demonstrate your professional commitment.
  • Solve practical challenges uniquely crafted with market problems in consideration. A credential to be proud of, with no chances of plagiarism.
  • Have a public showcase of your work ready for recruiters and companies interested to see the action beyond your profile.
  • Grow while you show, 2 additional free of cost attempts if you don't succeed in the first one.

Expert Track
(50 USD)

Test your exptertise. Most elite credentials, provided after careful vetting and in-person interview.

  • Go through our evaluation process of rigorous assessment, test the waters on your global competitiveness.
  • Attract recruiters and professional opportunities as you prove yourself to be top 10% of the global talent.
  • We help you be there, with constructive feedback at every session, we provide 2 additional free of cost attempts if you don't succeed in the first one.

Salient Features

It's always a good idea to explore your potential, here's what you get with SkilledHat certifications.

  • Add great value to your resume and jumpstart or boost your career quickly and pocket friendly.
  • Free Professional Certifications and extremely affordable Advanced Evaluations.
  • Access to exclusive LinkedIn group of certified professionals.
  • Exposure to potential recruiters that trust our platform to get in touch with you for attractive opportunities if you wish.