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PHP Programmer Learning Material

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SkilledHat does not limit you to to a single learning resource and the material enclosed is only to help you learn about PHP, including but not limited to its core competencies i.e. Understanding of PHP syntax, data types, and string manipulation, Knowledge of variables, operators, control structures, and arrays, Object-Oriented Concepts, including Classes, Inheritance, and Interfaces, Handling external files, and managing sessions and cookies in PHP, Mastering functions, arguments, passing by reference, and understanding scope and globals. You are absolutely appreciated to learn from any resources of your choice, be it youtube channels, udemy courses, coursera courses, and any other resources in today's free digital world full of options.

Also note, while we're also working to bring you the best learning resources on PHP soon, the learning material enclosed is adapted via Creative Commons ShareAlike license without any modifications in the content, all credit due to their respective creators mentioned in the document. The CC BY-SA allows us to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format for the good of the community.