About SkilledHat.com

What is SkilledHat? How can SkilledHat add Value?

SkilledHat is an online certification and training platform launched with a motive of making certifications accessible for everyone, while serving the actual purpose of professional certifications i.e. adding value to careers. We believe knowledge is power, and we don't believe in charging people a fortune for education, when it can actually be free. Whether you're a seasoned veteran, a millennial or Generation Z looking to showcase some free certifications for your resume, or take up commitment beyond the normals and learn at the same time with our broad range of online certifications. We got you covered!

Your journey with SkilledHat enables you with a lot of value, its not only about cost (which is free for our professional certification anyways), we are challenging the norms of technical evaluation and certifications, our exam modes are blended in a way that make you learn and grow not only before the certification process but also during it.

SkilledHat brings you the ability to get certified in an industry that you're passionate about, whether experienced or fresh entry. Rest assured, the efforts are your own, we just help you get you the right exposure and visibility, whether its by getting you the required keywords for your profile to be picked up by the ATS (Application Tracking Systems) thereby improving your chances of being shortlisted, or having an edge and added advantage during your interviews.

Tell me about the accreditation of SkilledHat

Glad you asked, and we dare to answer, unlike the rest. Professional certification is not a legally binding document and thus there is no single body that regulates these certifications, even if there are any, they’re not as caught up as today's fast moving industry demands (We’ve seen Swift 2.0 training and certifications around from well known providers, haha). Although you don’t get any credit hours, you do achieve a “baseline competency edge”, that helps employers take into account your determination to the skill you’re getting certified for.

Are you affiliated with Vendors?

SkilledHat is vendor neutral and we have no affiliation or association whatsoever with any of those at the moment, all trademarks belong to their respective owners. We are only providing a platform where learners can get acquired with those skills, take an exam and we issue a certificate that testifies that you have taken an assessment on the skill. Our unique assessment model and true commitment for the value for money to our users is what makes us unique and sought after.

Where is this heading?

This is just an early MVP of an entirely revolutionary concept of digital learning in today’s competitive yet busy world. We are working on value added parameters for all dimensions surrounding the subjects we have picked, including most value added yet free training, partnerships with recruiters and hiring companies worldwide, and onboarding more exams. So stay tuned and rest assured your benefits of SkilledHat certification will only keep getting better.

Would you whitelabel the platform for my organization?

Absolutely, we’re happy to whitelabel or customize the SkilledHat platform according to your needs, feel free to get in touch at contact@skilledhat.com and find out more.